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A home is a dream of every individual and a lifetime is spent earning for that perfect abode. It is a place to create wonderful memories; whether it is the warmth of a small sofa, shared with a loved one.



It is an era of entrepreneurship. We at designExtracts Interior design Pune know exactly what it means to be an entrepreneur. The right beginning is key to success. Perception plays an important role in how people deal with you.



Furniture is not just another piece of wood in the house. Design Extracts loves to think of every unit as a piece of art. That is the reason we take personal interest in picking out the right material and designing units to fit.



Curtains are not just a way to keep away pesky neighbours from peeking into your lives. These are extensions of your home and should exude a personality of their own. There is a huge scope of leveraging the Indian hand loom and handicraft.


Wall Art

Complete your home décor with Wall art, whether you want to add playful animal art to a child's room or nursery, minimal black-and-white pieces or a vivid abstract print in the dining room, and cheerful wall quotes to greet guests in the entryway.



Outdoor areas are the least to receive attention, but the landscape that surrounds your home is just as important as the other areas in your house. We at Design extracts give you fresh and clever design ideas whether it’s a balcony.

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Interior Design

Great interior designs are a work of art. At Design Extracts we take this art very seriously. Our residential interior designs are inspired by the passion of our customers. We spend quality time with our customers to understand what they need and then using our home interior design expertise; create spaces that celebrate life! Be it minimalistic designs or European themes or traditional Indian interiors, we ensure you get the home of your dreams. The focus of our designs is not only to provide great functionality but also add unique character to homes.

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