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Today the fabric used in interior decoration is available in various kinds and colours. Indian homeowners tend to identify the feasibility of the place to choose the fabric for different purpose. Now day’s technology has upper hand in every field and this factor lead to the coming of artificial and synthetic fiber. These Designer fabrics not only make your style perfect but provide your home chic and luxurious touch. Fabric used for decorations such as curtains, bed sheets, covers and so on, have their properties which make them ideal for specific purpose. Today artificial and synthetic fabric is more common than natural which is otherwise expensive in compare to former.

Using furnishing in different ways in Interiors:

Cover your Floor with Wool Rugs
Rugs are best for flooring purpose to enhance the overall effect of room décor. A home is embellished with decorative items and accessories that help creating difference in décor. Today the market of rugs is flourishing with different new soft material which is becoming the choice of people. However every room can be set with stylish tinted rugs as per the interior of each room and individual taste. Wool rugs have replaced the traditional carpets and other simple rugs made of fabric because wool is soft and cozy combining with the features like style and luxury which they may impart to your room. The other significant fact about rugs is that they can be placed anywhere according to the available place while carpets cover the entire place. While covering only the small space rug gives a space great appeal and suffice many purposes. Rugs in bedroom make a nice choice and think about the moment you wake up and step out directly onto the plush soft rug! Rug would help keeping your bedroom a restful place more warm and cozy but make sure your bedroom install symmetrical and adequate sized rug to keep the comfort. Keeping your rugs in good condition should the thought of all houses because if you choose high traffic areas and kitchen like places for oriental rugs then they are prone to wear and tear. So keep changing rugs with the passing time because they tend to discolor and may not withstand due to excess use.

Trends in bedsheets can never become redundant as they are the only eye catching cover which enhances beauty and charm of bedroom. Winters and summers have their own trends in linen as with the changing season, moods and comfort level fluctuate as well. Covering bed with linen is not about pomp and show but comfort and luxury. Bedroom charm can only be realized with bed veils which reveal your own style and appeal.

Choosing pillow covers
Pillow cover is an outer covering of pillow or cushion which should match bedsheet, quilt and duvet cover. Pillow cover should be chosen with cautious measures attempting to buy soft quality fabric to ensure natural feel to the user. The material used in pillow cover usually made of cotton fabrics or the cotton blend with synthetic but make sure the fabric is soft and qualitative.

Sofa covers
Adding a veil to your couch is not a bad idea rather it will only protect your expensive sofa from being spoiled. Sofa slip covers are the best way to keep your couch safe from dirt and soil from spoiling. In the past times plain fabrics were used to drape on the sofa sets and being tucked inside from the corners so that the original cover would not get ruin. However, the slip covers which started emerging as dust covers have gradually appeared in its full swing with the trend and style. Sofa covers which were earlier used to be plain has transformed into stylish and designer covering aliving your old sofa. Now choosing sofa covering have become a trend as the earlier inexpensive plain sofa cover is now converted into elegant, luxurious and ascetic designer cover enhancing décor of your room.

Curtains are a mandatory accessory in our homes and offices. Curtains have become a style statement and an essential part of home decoration. Interior designers take lot of time to go through color schemes and designs before making the final choice. Curtains are a reflection of our tastes and add meaning to the room. Curtains can make a room look lively and provides soothing effect based on the color, prints and material chosen.

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