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Living Room

Living room

Looking to update your living room? Our team of talented designers can help you create a space that reflects your personal style and meets your functional needs. From custom furniture and lighting to color schemes and accessories, we offer a wide range of services to help you transform your living room into a beautiful and functional space.

Living room decorating ideas
a) Give tradition a twist and try a living room filled with sofa, Bamboo side chairs
b) Touch of Trend-Update your living room as you would your wardrobe with a few new Accessories each season.
c) Writing on the Wall for truly unique (and sometimes quirky) decor,
d) Balancing Act- Does your living room work double-duty as a front entry? Keep the two separated and well-defined by lining one wall with welcoming
wallpaper, and keeping the living room furniture appropriated to an area rug.
e) Playing Together- Spike the interest level in a neutral room with a few splatters of pattern. The bold designs on these throw pillows might be
overwhelming in a larger scale, but in a petite form they add a casual chic vibe.
f) Office Space- Create a petite home office in your living room that's big on style Instead of a traditional desk chair (that would look out of
place) appoint a living room chair that looks good facing the desk or the rest of the space.

Living room color ideas
a) White on White- You can not go wrong with an all-white space. To prevent it from feeling like a hospital room, introduce different textures. A crocheted throw, a rough-hewn linen sofa, and a nubby rug all add depth to a monochromatic look
b) When choosing a new color for a wall, paint a section of the wall and observe it for a few days at different times. It is a good idea to paint one shade lighter than your sample swatch. Most of the times the color on your sample will look brighter on a big wall than on a small swatch.
c) Colors seen in nature, such as sky blue and restful leaf green have a calming effect on us, while red is a stimulating shade and yellow is uplifting.
d) The key to decorating with one color on walls and furniture is to use different shades of the same color together, such as a soft apple green sofa alongside emerald metal side tables.

Living room Furniture arrangement
a) Arranging the seating pieces to face each other over a shared coffee table makes conversation easy, and the table keeps drinks in easy reach.
b) Divide a large living space into separate zones with furniture placement. A sofa facing away from the dining room defines the conversation area from the rest of the open layout
c) Placing the furniture diagonally gives a boxy room some flavor. The diagonal also creates a welcoming pathway into the seating group.
d) In a small living room, create a sense of greater space and openness with a collection of chairs instead of using sofas or love seats. The scale of these armchairs suits the smaller living room.

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